Ultimate Guide to Finger Foods for Baby

A palmar grasp starts to develop around 5-6 months, making it the first way your baby will move food from their plate to their mouth.

A pincer grasp involves using the tip of the thumb and the index finger to pick up pea-sized foods, such as a cheerio.


These next 10 foods are nutrient dense, easy to make and tasty first foods for your baby.  For more variety, you can find over 80 more finger foods for your baby to eat and explore by clicking the link below!

Avocado: Slice with peel or in thin slices without the peel for the palmer grasp, and slice into chunks for the pincer grasp.

Start broccoli with a palm size tree, getting smaller as your baby ages.

Sweet Potato should be cut into 1-2 finger sized strips for the palmer grasp, and pea sized chunks for pincer grasp.

Banana can be served on stem, or pulled into long strips.

Yogurt can be served with a self feeding spoon.

Serve egg quartered for palmar grasp, and chopped for the pincer grasp.

Meat can be served in 1 finger width strips for palmar grasp, and shredded for pincer grasp.

Green beans can be left whole for palmer grasp or in chunks for pincer grasp.

Salmon can be served in a 2 finger width strip for palmer grasp, or lightly shredded for pincer grasp.