Lactation cookies

1- in one bowl, Whisk flour, baking soda, salt, brewer's yeast and ground flax seeds

2 - In another bowl, mix butter and then add brown sugar and sugar. Mix again

3 - add egg and vanilla, Then mix until fluffy

4 - Add dry ingredients Mixture and combine well

5 - Add in oats and chocolate chips. scoop on cook sheet. bake and ENJOY!


– flour  – baking soda – salt – brewer's yeast powder – ground flax seeds – unsalted butter, – light brown sugar – sugar – eggs – vanilla extract – old-fashioned oats – chocolate chips

reasons TO LOVE

Lactation Cookies

– may help with breast milk supply – nut-free – can be made gluten-free – freezer-friendly – easy to make – customize with favorite add-ins – one bowl dessert