Plums for Baby

Plums are nutritious, tasty and a great first food for baby. Not only are plums sweet and juicy, they are high in fiber and vitamins C and A, making them a great immune-booster and bowel regulator. You’ve probably heard about how helpful prunes are in combating constipation, but did you know prunes are actually dried plums? The high fiber content in plums makes them one of nature’s best remedies for constipation in babies, kiddos and adults. In addition to helping keep us regular, the fiber in plums reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and hormone imbalance. Baby and kiddo will love the sweet flavor of plums and they can be enjoyed year round. Fresh plums are delicious when in season, or try a sweet prune when out of season!

Highlighted Nutritional Importance of Plums

Vitamin C – a potent antioxidant important for maintaining a healthy immune system and healing small cuts and wounds
Vitamin K – helps build a healthy skeletal system and is vital for the blood clotting process
Vitamin A – crucial for healthy bone growth and vision and helps support baby’s immune system
Niacin – this B vitamin helps with healthy blood circulation and energy production

Potassium – an electrolyte mineral that helps keep baby’s heart rhythm steady
Manganese – a potent antioxidant that helps fight free-radicals and keep cells healthy
Copper – this trace mineral (needed in small amounts) helps form red blood cells and boosts the body’s ability to mend tissues
Magnesium – another electrolyte mineral, magnesium helps regulate energy production within the cell and is necessary for hormone production and healthy bones and teeth

How to Select and Store Plums for Baby Food

According to the EWG, plums are not on the Dirty Dozen list, meaning they are not highly contaminated with pesticides and buying organic is a personal choice. When purchasing fresh plums at your farmers market or local grocery store, look for fruits that are somewhat firm to the touch and free from bruises and scrapes. If purchasing dried plums, look for those that are natural or organic since these are usually free from sulphur and dyes used in other varieties. Be sure to eat fresh plums within a week of purchasing, since they tend to over-ripen quite quickly. Dried plums stored in an airtight container will last 3-6 months.

A fun, flavorful way to enjoy fresh plums is by roasting them. Baby and kiddo will love the flavor of a roasted plum either pureed or eaten as a finger food. Prunes can also be re-hydrated by pouring hot water over them for a minute or two, then pureed into a smooth, fiber-rich snack. Whether kiddo or baby eats plums fresh or dried, there’s no doubt they will be getting a tasty fiber and vitamin C boost, while also enjoying a fun, sweet treat!

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