It’s finnnnnallllly HERE!!!!

My Mix + Match Puree Guide for Summer is ready to download right now! It’s time to put down the coffee and start making these delicious purees for your little one. That way you can spend the summer not in the kitchen BUT doing your favorite things – having water ballon fights, eating an entire watermelon with a spoon, lazying about while the littles play in the sprinkler, drinking this summer cocktail!

Are you super busy? Would you rather spend your time playing then baking? Do you want the best food for your wee one in the shortest amount of time? Do you want to take advantage of the best produce of the season? Do you want me to stop asking you questions now? Then this Guide is for you!!! Yay! Something made just for you:)

Here is what is inside – 

  • 7 easy fruit and vegetable puree recipes
  • 3 additional recipes for 2 grains and 1 protein
  • All ingredients are seasonal, easy to find and vary in nutrient content
  • Step by step instructions on how to make all the recipes in under 2 hours
  • Over 50 Mix + Match puree combinations
  • Great for 6+ months
  • Purees can be served as is for the baby that is just starting out or kicked up with spices, coconut milk or yogurt for the more accomplished eater
  • Fun, easy and ready to cut recipe cards
  • 7 day Meal Plan
  • Easy to use Shopping List

Join the other 4,000+ people who have downloaded the Winter and Spring Mix + Match guides and take your baby food making hero status to a whole new level – a level that will leave you with over 200 ounces of baby food in under 2 hours, a level that will make your other mommy friends beyond jealous when you whip out your Raspberry + Chicken + Farro + Mint puree for baby at your next playdate, a level that will make you lose those 5 last pounds of baby weight overnight! <—- Total LIE! This guide will so not do that for you.. bbbbuuuuutttt it will give you extra time so you can get your FitBit-ing bad self out there for an extra long walk this week:)

Not that is what I am talking about!!!

Get your Mix + Match Puree Recipe Guide for Summer today!!!