Mint for Baby

Mint is a great way to start introducing bold and fun flavors into baby’s diet. It’s cooling flavor will brighten up beverages and purees, giving baby a small taste of grown-up foods! Not only does mint taste delicious, but it’s also nutritious and medicinal. Mint has long been known to help alleviate tummy troubles, and it’s oils help relieve symptoms of indigestion, nausea and stomach cramping. Peppermint has also been shown to help lessen symptoms of morning sickness, aid in stopping the growth of certain cancerous tumors, and help fight harmful bacteria in the stomach. Don’t be afraid to start introducing baby and kiddo to the refreshing flavor of mint. They will love the cooling flavor in their water or juice, or mixed into their favorite sweet and savory purees!


Highlighted Nutritional Importance of Basil

Vitamin A – crucial for healthy skeletal development and for baby’s skin, eyes and immune system
Vitamin C – important for a healthy, functioning immune system and helps support mucous membranes and the respiratory system
Niacin – this B vitamin supports energy production in the body and is important for cardiovascular health
Folate – another B vitamin that helps support the brain and nervous system

Calcium – this mineral helps regulate bone growth and skeletal development while also playing a critcal role in hormone production
Iron – a blood-building nutrient that enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells
Magnesium – necessary for healthy bones and skeletal system and helps regulate energy production within the cell
Manganese – a potent antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage

How to Select and Store Mint for Baby Food

If possible, try to purchase fresh mint over the dried since it’s superior in flavor. The leaves should look vibrant and be a rich green color, free from dark spots or yellowing. If you do purchase dried, buying organic is important to ensure it hasn’t been irradiated (passed through radiation as a preservative).

To store fresh mint leaves, place washed leaves in a damp paper towel and place inside of a loosely closed plastic baggy in the refrigerator where it will last for about 3 days. Store dried mint in an airtight glass container in a cool, dark place where it will last for about 9-12 months.

Baby will love the refreshing flavor of mint blended into their veggie, fruit, or even meat purees. It’s also a great addition to water or juice for kiddo to make their sippy cup a little more exciting. Introducing mint to baby and kiddo will ensure they are benefitting from a wide array of medicinal properties, while also helping them on their road to adventurous eating!

Recipes Using Mint