Let’s be honest – I am not one of those amazing women that get pregnant and look like I am stashing a basketball under my shirt. I unfortunately gain weight starting in my hips, thighs and bum [especially my bum] and then start to gain in my baby bump. So by the end of my pregnancy I look like a basketball itself. It’s true, it happens.

That doesn’t mean that I completely forgo any exercise, in fact it makes me work out even a little more because I know I am going to have to kick it in gear after the baby comes and I know that the better shape I am in now, the easier this will happen.

And while I can’t do the same intensity of workouts as before I was pregnant, I tend to do more days [6 days with 1 rest day] with shorter times, 30-45 minutes instead of my average 45-60. This formula works for me and keeps me motivated to make room in my schedule to workout and stay fit. I also find that varying my workouts keeps me from getting board and slacking off. Since, I worked out before I got pregnant, I am still mostly doing my normal classes, walks and DVDs but modified based on how what I can do [any jumping at this point is just not going to happen] and how I feel that day. Some days I feel like I can conjure the world, while other days I am dragging from morning till night. I just modify it to what and how I feel.

Above you will see what I typically plan for during the week.  Of course there is some

The biggest thing I tell myself, is that anything and everything will help keep me in shape! So go out there and do it already!!

Tips for Working Out While Pregnant

  • Listen to Your Body – Some days you are going to be able to do everything and some days you are going to feel like sitting is a tough task. Take it day by day and do not compare what you could do yesterday with what you CAN do today.
  • Just Move – Whether you didn’t workout before you got pregnant or were completely in shape with a six pack, your fitness doesn’t stop now. Any and every exercise you do right now will help your baby, your delivery and your recovery. It doesn’t matter for how long or how hard you exercise for, just do it!
  • Don’t Compare – Not only don’t compare yourself to what you were able to do a couple weeks or days ago but don’t compare yourself to any other person in your class.
  • Try Something New – During your pregnancy your body is not going to be the same as it was before you got pregnant, so now is the perfect time to take a new class or try a new fitness routine. Pre-natal yoga, Pilates, swimming or walking are all great options that are low intensity and good for both you and the baby.
  • Drink Lots of Water – You will need at least 64 – 98 ounces of water a day! Seems like a lot I know, but the more active you are the more water you will need. I can always tell when I haven’t drunk enough water for a couple of days because I feel sluggish, crave sugar even more then usual, am more tired and start to get swollen ankles. So get your water anyway you can.