Hold onto your seats people, because this giveaway is about to rock your world!!

When putting together this giveaway I thought of only one person – YOU! What would you want in your life to make it a little easier, a little brighter and a little more caffeined up? Of course that would be easy, gifts that involved coffee, wine and a beyond delicious dessert. And to round it all out, some kid based prizes that are really there to make your life a little bit easier.

Plus, there are going to be 3 winners!!!!

Plus Plus, there are going to be 3 different ways you can enter to win!!!!

So here we go, my favorite of all favorite giveaways –

Little Foodie Book + Prizes Giveaway 

1 Grand Prize Winner will Receive 
!!!!!!A signed copy of Little Foodies: Recipes for Babies and Toddlers with Taste!!!!!
1. Helliemae’s Salted Caramel Sauce (1 – 8 ounce jar) I met the owner of Helliemae’s, Ellen, at a book club event at our local library and I was beyond awkward and star struck because 1)Ellen makes the best ever caramels on the planet (think melt-in-you-mouth caramel-y goodness with fun flavors like cardamon, peanut butter or chili + cinnamon added in) and 2) my daughter’s name is Ellie Mae and we like to refer to her as Helliemae when she is being a little bit of PITA. This salted caramel sauce is the boss! You can lick it from a spoon, drizzle it on top of vanilla bean ice-cream or make your own salted caramel latte (don’t worry Ellen will provide her favorite recipe for this!!). Whatever you do in life, I am pretty sure you need this sauce with you at all times.
2. Corvus Coffee (1 – 12 ounce bag) This coffee is roasted right here in my home town and when the coffee shop 452 feet from my house started serving it, I knew I was in trouble. The coffee is full of flavor and isn’t at all bitter. The best thing is that it goes perfectly with Helliemae’s salted caramel sauce <—-see where I was going with that!
3. Anything I Say Or Do Before Coffee Doesn’t Count Mug – some of the best advice I have over received about parenting come from my friend Hiliary – whatever you say to your spouse in the middle of the night when your little baby/toddler/kid has woken you up for the fourth time in a row, doesn’t count. Come 7am, all is forgotten. Both parents get to mind erase whatever happened during the night and start fresh – no weird apology conversation needed. This little advise has saved my hubby and I from so many fights the morning after a rough night, cuz let’s be honest, we all act like crazy people when we get woken up by a screaming baby over and over and over again. Plus, you need something to hold your salted caramel latte in!
4. ezpz Happy Bowl (1 bowl in either blue or pink) I got to meet the founder of ezpz for lunch the other day and was blown away by not only how amazing this product was but also by how sincerely nice of a person Lindsey is. Baby Parker is in that fun let-me-throw-EVERYTHING-off-of-the-table-and-onto-the-floor stage and I was going to lose my mind, until I used one of the ezpz mats! Seriously these bad boys stick to the table like nobody’s business and after baby P is done smearing every last morsel of food onto the mat I simply toss the mat into the dishwasher! If you buy yourself one of these mats, you are really buying yourself about 10 minutes a day of no-cleanup free time!
5. Tovolo Set of 2 Perfect Cube Trays – I use these trays all the time to freeze my baby purees in, but they are also great for making the perfect ice cubes for cocktails! This, this and this are all on my summer cocktail to-do list, yes I completely have such a thing:)
6. Squooshi Reusable Pouches (1 Travel Kit) – this kit includes everything you need for taking healthy snacks and purees on the road this summer – reusable pouches, labels so you know what is in each pouch, a snack bag to carry the pouches and sip’n soft tops! I love to fill a ton of reusable pouches with healthy puree combinations when I have a few minutes of free time for both Baby Parker and Ellie. I start by filling the pouches with combinations such as spinach + asparagus + apples + banana or sweet potato + blueberry + pear + flax seeds (or you can use pretty much any other combo on my site) and then for Ellie’s pouches I add a spoonful of greek yogurt before I toss them all in the freezer. I take a pouch out of the freezer for each girl the night before and then come morning, I am all set during the rush of getting out all of us out of the house and onto our next adventure. The pouches stay cool and are great during the long hot summer days!
7. BleepBleeps (1 Sammy Screamer, your choice of color) – these amazingly cute devices do it all – help you get pregnant, give birth, look after your baby and raise your child. I guess they are still working on one that pours you a glass of wine at the end of the day:). The sammy screamer is a small little device that connects to your smart phone and alerts you if it moves, which would be perfect for when you just leave your purse hooked onto your stroller at the zoo and go on a 5 minute train ride with 2 crying kids.
8. GOVERRE – Pour, Seal, Pack, Enjoy! (2 glasses, your choice of colors) – these glasses are about to change your life! Portable wine glasses made for all those life events – afternoon playdates, after dinner walks with the family, kids birthday parties, movies in the park – where you just need a little refreshment without all the worry of bringing an entire bottle of wine with you. Without sounding like a bigger lush then I already am, I could think of about fifty upcoming events I am going to take my goverre wine glass to!

2 Winners will Receive
A signed copy of Little Foodies: Recipes for Babies and Toddlers with Taste! Plus a surprise prize!!

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Congratulations to Jessica S. for winning the grand prize!!! And to Laura C. and Ahmad for winning the signed books!!!!