The thought of a 3 hour long airplane ride [or any sort of travel for that matter] for the upcoming holidays with my rambunctious toddler scares me.

Really it does.

It keeps me up at night and brings a few beads of sweat to my forehead just thinking about it. 

We will get through this! We will conquer!

We have traveled with her before. But she was a baby, and that was a challenge. People always say that traveling with babies is easy. I am absolutely not on the same page. 

Now, with a toddler it is just frightening. She wants to explore everything, has endless amounts of energy and doesn’t realize that strangers have personal space [she is just as happy sitting in some other persons lap in baby book club as she is in mine]. So I did my research, snacks are key/king/muito important.

Bring a lot, more then you ever think possible to eat in a days time. Bring some for you and the babes. Some more for the poor person sitting next to you. Some for the person your tot decides is their best friend for the trip. And even some more for the mom who didn’t bring enough. Sharing is also king. 

We will all get through the traveling and on to the celebration [where hopefully there is a glass of wine with your name on it]