The magic of Christmas seen through your child’s eyes is definitely the best part of this time of year.

Everything is possible for them –

Flying reindeer, for sure!
Talking elves, only if they have candy canes!
Santa, who brings presents!
Cookies, the more the merrier!
Christmas lights, everywhere and anywhere!
Snowy days, only if filled with hot chocolate!

But where the magic really happens for them, is in books!

Books that are filled with beautiful wintery scenes, images of Santa, lovable animal friends, fun songs to sing and gifts for the young and old.

These 16 books, are our family favorites! Filled with great stories, beautiful illustrations and heartwarming tales. While, I left off some of the more classic books (which we still love), I hope you can find a few new family favorites in this list.

So grab a warm mug of cocoa (yours with peppermint schnapps), a new Christmas book and your little one. It’s time to create a little magic, who’s with me!?!

Christmas Books for Baby

Merry Christmas, Little One! – A bright and colorful book with heartfelt rhyming words. I got this book for Ellie on her first Christmas and since then we have read it so many times that the flaps are now held together by tape, lots and lots of tape. But that just reminds me of how many times we have snuggled up and read this book together.

Our Little Deer (Earesistables) – Such a fun approach to a flap book. Each page has a fun little saying and then a cute illustration of a deer with ears sticking out of the book (which are soft).

Eight Jolly Reindeer – Parker picked this book up at a friend’s house (the sparkly cover grabbed her attention) and she made me read it to her about a zillion times while we were over there. While it was super cute, let’s be honest, I just wanted to chat and drink some coffee. A fun story that counts down from 8 to 1 while each reindeer flies away to get hitched to santa slay.

Ten on the Sled – This book takes the classic song Ten in the Bed and turns in into a fun Christmas song about animals jumping off and falling off a sled. But don’t worry, at the end they all jump back on for another ride. It is so catchy, that you will find yourself singing it all day long – you have been warned:)


Christmas Books for Toddler

The 12 Days of Christmas – Oh man does Parker love this book! In fact, she loves any book by Jane Cabrera. This book is based on the song 12 Days of Christmas, but Jane gives the song a new approach with fun new lyrics. The illustrations are cute and fun to look at. Parker can be found just flipping through this book by herself for a long time, even after I have sang it to her 5 times in a row! If your little one likes you to sing to them, then this book is a must!

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas – This was the very first Little Blue Truck book that I read to the girls, and since then we have read almost all of them. But this one still holds a special place in my heart. It follows Little Blue around as he delivers 5 Christmas trees to all of his friends. The final Christmas tree is for himself and on the vey last page it surprises you and the tree lights up! So fun to read and look at!

Dream Snow – Hello beautiful book! We have the hardcover of this book (so I am not sure if the board book is the same) but between each page is a clear sheet of velum that is printed with snow. It is so magical to read and look at. It transplants you to another time and place. Ellie especially loves this book.

Penguin’s Christmas Wish – We love penguin and have almost everyone of Yoon’s book, and this new book is going to be read a ton this year. Penguin wants to celebrate with all of this friends and family but when a big storm comes and ruins his plans, he gets to find what Christmas is truly about. I seriously can read this book every night and still love it.


Christmas Books for Preschooler

The Great Spruce – Beautiful story about a young boy that loves to climb a giant tree that his grandfather planted many years ago. One year, the city wanted to cut the tree down, put it in the town center and decorate it. The boy comes up with alternative plan and the whole town comes together to help. This book will surely become a new classic.

The Gingerbread Man Loose at Christmas – A fun and whimsical book with illustrations that are done in a comic-book style but still geared towards kids. The entire book is focused on a school class making, saying and doing nice things for other people. Such a great message about giving to others this holiday season.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas – This is one of my favorite Christmas books! Our lovable bear and his friends are back in this heartwarming tale of trying to keep the bear up during the night (of course all he wants to do hibernate) so they can have a fun and festive Christmas. It is a fun read with a great lesson about friendship, giving and love.

The Lost Gift: A Christmas Story – A new book about four animal friends that find a gift that Santa has lost and their adventure to deliver the package to the rightful owner. A beautiful book that teaches that sometimes (always) the best thing about giving gifts is the joy it brings others.


Maple & Willow’s Christmas Tree – A heart warming tale of two sisters that find the perfect Christmas tree and then realize the younger one is allergic to it. After some hurt feelings, the older sister makes things right again and surprises her sister with the best Christmas ever. I love the message about sisters working it out and doing nice things for each other.

A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree – I cried the first time I read this beautiful story. It will be a family favorite for years to come. An old tree gets passed by year after year because he is too big for families to take home. Then one year, all the animals of the forrest decorate him to show them that he is loved. A truly lovely book that you won’t mind reading again and again.

How to Catch Santa – This book is fun take for older kids on how to catch Santa on Christmas Eve. The kids in the book talk about what questions they would ask Santa, what they would give him (my favorite part) and more importantly they come up with fun ways (a glitter bomb!) on how to catch him. Of course, they get too tired, fall asleep and never do catch Santa.

Snowmen at Night – A fun story about what snowmen do all night (hint – they have snowball fights, go sledding, play baseball). Ellie was cracking up during the book and wanted me to read it to her over and over again.


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