Let’s just call this post what it really is – What the Kiddos Ate for October, November and December! 3 months all wrapped up into 1 pretty post, yourwelcomeverymuch!

Someone is slacking off on these posts 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

There are 2 (not-so-good) reasons why…

1) since October, my family has been having a blast playing this game I like to call – ‘tag you’re it, now prepare to die’. Not dramatic at all over here! All you have to do to play this game is have one person in the family get sick and then just take turns passing it around to each other. You get double points if you pass it around twice! We started with the stomach bug (two rounds each = double points), then came the cold (single points) and now we are onto croup (single points). Which if your little one has ever had croup, then you know that thing is bat-shit-crazy! I have spent waaaaayyyyyyy too much time outside in my pjs at 3am with a coughing toddler then I can even comprehend right now.

2) I decided to workout. I went to the gym. I got my phone stolen. I no longer go to the gym.

So without waiting another minute, here we go – 32 of my favorite toddler lunches and dinners from the past three months!!

Ellie’s School Lunches

Parker’s Dinners

Ellie’s Dinners