12 Best Kindness Books for Baby + Toddler – a great way to introduce kindness from an early age. Our favorite picture books that teach kindness in a fun, engaging and playful way.

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Books on Kindness for Baby + Toddler

Every morning right before I drop my girls off for school, I give them each one last tight squeeze before I bend down and look them right in eye as I say to them –

Work Hard
Have Fun
Be Kind

Then we high-five and they run into their class lines ready to take on the world!

I believe these are the three most important qualities I can instill in my girls.

Being kind, while third on our list, is maybe the most import quality for me. Raising compassionate kids that embrace others (and themselves) with grace, joy and love is one of my top priorities.

But teaching your kids to act with kindness doesn’t start at elementary school. It can be taught from a very early age.

Research shows that babies come into this world wired to prefer kindness!

These beautiful picture books help teach kindness in an engaging way that babies and toddlers can understand. With fun, bright and cheerful illustrations, these books will grab the attention of even the youngest “readers” to help them gain the knowledge of what kindness is and how to be kind to others. Plus, it only takes a few acts of kindness to start a kindness chain reaction.


ps. I’m curious – how do you teach kindness to your baby or toddler?

book cover for baby be kind - kindness books for baby and toddler

Baby Be Kind

Cute board book showing and explaining different ways to be kind; with examples that kids can easily mimic. Very simplistic and easy for young ones to understand. The message was not lost upon my older kids as well.

A. Marie
Book cover for a kindness book for baby and toddler.

Be Kind

A wonderful way to teach children how to be thoughtful and giving; especially useful if you have a toddler whose current favorite word is “mine!” like I do 🙂

Carrie Anne

The Kindness Book

The Kindness Book is a gorgeous read – both in vibrant images and in amazing messaging about what kindness is. Woohoo!

Clinically Happy
baby book about kindness - hug machine.

Hug Machine

This book tells the story of a little boy who wants to just hug everything. It’s precious. I think books like this one are important because it teaches kids to show emotions and to be kind to others. The illustrations are silly and cute, and it’s just enough words and pictures for a 1-2 year old.

Toddler book cover - I am kind

I Am Kind

Sweet book! Good ideas for children to learn what kind choices are.

Amazon Customer
Pass it On - book for toddler kindness.

Pass It On

This book is a happiness wrapped in a wonderful story about the power of being kind. It’s so easy to spread joy, and do nice things for others, and best of all it’s free to do!

Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids Book Reviews
Plant a Kiss book cover

Plant a Kiss

This is an absolutely delightful little book that captivates kids, and parents, with it’s gentle sing-song rhythm and it’s feel good message. The illustrations are perfect and promote the positive feel of the book.

L. Day
Be Kind - book for toddlers about kindness.

Be Kind

What an incredible, insightful, thoughtful, interesting book! Perfect for our world now, with such bullying, discrimination, and lack of kindness. Pay it forward ideolody in a way 3-4 yrs and up will appreciate, with relevance to their daily lives. Simple yet powerful words, lovely pictures.

JoAnne W.
Twig Book Cover


Great book! Well written with amazing pictures with complement the story beautifully. The story gives children who may feel ignored, invisible, different or left out something to connect to. It shows courage and that little moments matter. And you matter. We all matter and deserve to be seen.

book cover for toddler about kindness.

Come With Me

What an amazing story of giving! A great book to use to teach young children that adults aren’t the only ones that can make a difference in the world. It takes only a small act of kindness to make a difference, and kids can do this too! Must read!

book cover on a book about kindness.

Little Bird

This exquisite picture book must be savored slowly. Each page is simple and as the pages are turned the reader (few words in print but many in your mind) sees a story unfolding between the truck driving man and a small bird he finds in the back. I won’t spoil the plot but it is transformative. It makes the point that kindness in small ways and for small things can change everything. WONDERFUL book.

J. Young
Have a filled a bucket today book cover about kindness

Have you Filled a Bucket Today?

SUCH A GREAT WAY TO GET YOUR KID TO BE A GOOD PERSON! I’m not even kidding! I read this to my 3 year old son once, and there was a curious/confused look about him. He wanted it read again and asked many questions. From then on, he is ALWAYS talking about filling other people’s buckets, filling his bucket, and bucket dipping! It’s a great way for me to explain to him when he does something that makes me or someone else feel bad, and also a great way to encourage him to make other people feel good!

Lauren Skirbunt