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My name is Lindsey Baudoin and right now I’m a full time stay-at-home mamma to three kids – Emmett, Campbell and Aubrey. I’m passionate about all things fitness- and health-related but take an extra interest in obesity and obesity-related topics. I try to practice what I preach and live simply. I don’t like a lot of stress or drama in my life and I think that’s part of the reason why being a stay-at-home mamma suits me so well right now.
I’ve lived in quite a few places in my 32 years of life: Germany, Kansas, California, Colorado, Australia and Washington D.C. It was my family’s move to CA, however, that piqued my interest in fitness and health. I started swimming at the age of 8 and my dat and I ran the Bay to Breakers race when I was 11. I continued both swimming and running when we moved to one of the fittest states in the US, Colorado. Then when I went away to college my eating habits changed drastically, and my passion for fitness partnered with an interest in food and nutrition. My double concerns of what we do with our bodies and what we put into them led to me earning a bachelor’s in exercise science at the University of Kansas.
After completing my bachelor’s, I took a break from academia and spend a year in the Americorps in DC, another year in Vail as a ski bum, and another one as a Research Assistant at an allergy and asthma clinic. I then realized I needed more education to obtain a job that was right for me so I returned to KU to work on a Master’s in Health Education. While there, I also worked full-time at an exercise lab, performing exercise tests and running weight loss groups.
I finished the rest of my masters’s courses at the University of Colorado, Denver. I then obtained a job at the University of Denver as a Research Compliance Administrator. This job was not a good fit with my passion for health so I left after having my soon. During his first year of life, I became certified through the American Council of Exercise as a Health Coach. With this certification I have coached several close friends and family members interested in losing weight.
When Michele asked me to do some guest posts for her blog I was absolutely thrilled! I’m excited for the opportunity to be here and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you all!

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